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Our lore is currently in major works - but we've just opened our applications, apply HERE for a chance to be a part of our CUSTOM ROLEPLAY!

Welcome to the new PierceSMP!
Started by PierceSMP

Welcome to the new PierceSMP!

We've made many changes to our server, starting with our amazing new website. Our Minecraft server will also receive a new look, with updates and announcements about the changes coming super soon!

Please read our updated rules over @ www.piercesmp.com/rules.
If you need support, visit our new Support Category on our forums, or join our Discord server here.

You can also view our applications here, and easily see our map here.
Make suggestions here, and quickly access our store and what we offer here!


Thank you and we hope you enjoy the new Pierce,
 - The PierceSMP Administration and Staff team.

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